The Classic Ice Cream Van Company: Ice Cream Vans for all types of events! Australia wide.
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It is our famous, much loved, soft serve ice cream, that our vans serve, that has made them an Australian icon over the years. The smooth soft tasting ice cream is unique and we are proud to follow the same ice cream making recipe for more than 50 years!

Our specially designed and custom built ice cream machines, that are fitted in our vans; ensures that the smoothest and tastiest ice cream is freshly dispensed at all times!

Served with a delicious range of toppings:

♦ Choc dip  ♦ nuts  ♦ 100's & 1000's  ♦ sherbet  ♦ Kit Kat  ♦ Flake
Sundae toppings: ♦ Chocolate  ♦ Strawberry  ♦ Caramel  ♦ Banana  ♦ Bluehaven

Our smooth, soft serve ice cream is served only from our ice cream vans!

freshly made for you!

Fruity Gelato Ice Cream


Our Vans serve the most delicious gelato ice cream and that; is not our claim, it is our customers' statements!

  • Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Lemmon

  • Orange

  • Nougat

  • Rainbow Mix

  • Mango


  • Banana

  • Lime

  • Bluehaven

  • Coffee

  • Pistachio nuts

  • Nougat

  • Cookies 'n' Cream



Our Victorian vans are able to cater with a Special Desert Menu for Weddings and other functions requiring some fine deserts!

Fun and delicious party food!


Fun and delicious food for all events that require some delicious snacks for all guests!

Take the worry out of food preparation. Our food is prepared and served fresh on the day!

♦ Hot Dogs  ♦ Hot Jam Donuts  ♦ Pop Corn ♦ Fairy Floss

No mess to worry about and no cleaning up after your event!


Pizza, pizza, pizza and more pizza!...



Now serving! (from specially fitted vans)

♦ Hawaiian  ♦ Caprocissa  ♦ Meat Lovers ♦ Kim Che  ♦ Vegetarian  ♦ many more!

Made on the spot in our specially fitted vans with pizza cone ovens!